Why Choose Us?

Dentistry is no longer a daunting prospect but rather an experience to savor.

Treating You as You Should be Treated

Our mix of personalities and backgrounds allows us to adapt to the specific needs of our patients.

Custom Care

You are unique and so your Norfolk dental care should be too. Our father and son team combines to create personalized treatment plans for you and your family. Each patient is viewed as an individual, not just a smile.


Versatile & Adaptable

Your visit to Drs. Steve and Dan Karmazin is never rigid or clinical. Rather, you will experience a patient-first approach, where we adapt to meet your specific needs and treat you at your pace.

Positive Energy

Our office is full of positivity with an environment that makes you feel good. Each member of our team enjoys getting to know patients on a personal level and keeping interactions fun.

40+ Years Experience

There is no replacement for experience and our Norfolk dentists have a lot between them. Over the years, Drs. Steve and Dan Karmazin have picked up a vast array of knowledge and skill to the benefit of their patients.

First-class Family Care in Norfolk, NE

We have all the ingredients you need to keep your family's smiles healthy.

Our family-owned practice welcomes all patients as if they are part of our family. Before we start anything, we get to know the person behind the smile and then take a look around your mouth. This gives us a better understanding of your individual concerns, needs, and goals. Only then do we open a discussion about the best treatment for you.

We pride ourselves on being the right dental practice for everyone and anyone. This is why we offer an array of treatment options, so you can get the exact dental care you need.

You can benefit from affordable general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry in an office where you are the main focus. Regency Family Dental Care is built on trust and respect for all our patients.

Norfolk Dental Care - We are proud to offer a variety of services

‘‘Regency Family Dental is a family-friendly clinic for any age. Dr. Steve is extremely knowledgeable in the latest dental technology and very gentle, even in difficult procedures. He has always given me the best treatment for my particular circumstances. The staff is extremely professional and courteous, and their hygienist is experienced and very good. I would most definitely recommend Regency Family Dental to my friends.’’

Joyce K. (Actual Patient)

Helping Those in our Community

Premium Norfolk dental care is available to all!

Your Norfolk Dental expert speaking with a client


Our caring team works together to give you a dental experience to remember. Each stage of care is meticulously thought out so you reap the benefits of optimal oral health.

A member of your Norfolk Dental Care team with a patient


Each patient enjoys a unique relationship with our dentists. Both doctors partner with patients to ensure you are listened to and get the answers to your questions.

Your lead Norfolk Dental Care expert on the phone to a patient


We count it as a blessing to be able to give back to the Norfolk community. Everyone feels part of a big family and our role is to make sure each person is wearing a smile.

Bringing Smiles to Your Family